Linux Forensics Tools Repository: Package Summary for Packages on July 12, 2012:

  • guymager-0.6.11-1.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - Guymager is a forensic imaging package. Here are the changes since the last release (0.6.9):
    • Removed bug where section tables might contain only one entry
    • New cfg parameter EwfNaming supports 2 methods for naming EWF segment files
    • Added warnings for low space on destination path and large number of image files before starting acquisition, new configuration parameters WarnAboutImageSize and WarnAboutSegmentFileCount
    • When opening destination image fails, retry with NOATIME switched off (thus enabling cloning without root rights)
    • Removed bug where section tables might contain only one entry.

  • python-apsw-3.7.13_r1-1.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el6}.{i386,x86_64}.rpm - Python-apsw is a Python wrapper for the SQLite embedded relational database engine. In contrast to other wrappers such as pysqlite it focuses on being a minimal layer over SQLite attempting just to translate the complete SQLite API into Python. The documentation has a section on the differences between APSW and pysqlite. See here for a list of the changes.
  • registrydecoder-20120709-1.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i386,x86_84}.rpm - Registrydecoder is tool for the acquisition, analysis, and reporting of registry contents. See here for a list of changes.
  • aff{lib,lib-devel,tools}-3.7.1-1.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i386,x86_64}.rpm - Afflib is the library and tools to manipulate files using the Advanced Forensic Format. Please note: as of AFFLIB 3.6, all tool names start with the string aff which marks a change from AFFLIB version 3.5. See here for the changes.