Linux Forensics Tools Repository: Package Summary for Packages on October 29, 2012:

  • fmem-kernel-objects-1.6-1.5.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - Fmem is kernel module that creates device /dev/fmem, similar to /dev/mem but without limitations. This device (physical RAM) can be copied using dd or other tool. Works on 2.6 Linux kernels and beyond. Contained in this package are pre-compiled versions of fmem.ko for all kernels release with Fedora 14, 15, 16, and 17. These are installed in /usr/share/fmem-kernel-objects-1.6 by the triple KernelVersion.FedoraRelease.Architecture. In addition, the source code is available in /usr/share/doc/fmem-kernel-object-1.6. Finally, there is a script entitled install-fmem which is installed in the /usr/bin directory that can be used to install the correct fmem.ko kernel object on the current system. This package is intended to provide pre-compiled versions of the fmem module so that they can be installed as needed when doing on-site memory captures during the data collection phase of an investigation that includes digital assets. The changes are the following:
    • Support for 3.6.3-1 for FC17
    • Support for 3.6.2-1 for FC16

  • md5deep-4.3-1.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - This package was updated to reflect the new version of md5deep. Here are the list of new features:
    • Fixed check for endian-ness, affecting hash generation on big-endian platforms.
    • Fixed minor bugs related to OpenSolaris.

  • libvshadow{,-devel,-tools,-python}-20121016-2.{fc14,fc15,fc16,fc17,el5,el6}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - Libvshadow is a ibrary and tools used to support the Volume Service Snapshot (VSS) format. The VSS format is used by Windows, as of Vista, to maintain copies of data on a storage media volume. Here are the changes since the last version.