Linux Forensics Tools Repository: Package Summary for Packages on February 6, 2015:

  • libsigscan{,-devel,-python,-tools}-20150125-1.{fc17,fc18,fc19,fc20,fc21,el5,el6,el7}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - Libsigscan is a library and tools used to binary signature scanning. See here for the list of changes.
  • libbde{,-devel,-python,-tools}-20150124-1.{fc17,fc18,fc19,fc20,fc21,el5,el6,el7}.{i686,x86_64}.rpm - Libbde is a library and tools to access the BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) format. The BDE format is used by Windows, as of Vista, to encrypt data on a storage media volume. See here for the list of changes.
  • dfvfs-20150203-1.(fc17,fc18,fc19,fc20,fc21,el6,el7}.noarch.rpm - dfVFS, the Digital Forensics Virtual File System, provides read-only access to file-system objects from various storage media types and file formats. The goal of dfVFS is to provide a generic interface for accessing file-system objects, for which it uses several back-ends that provide the actual implementation of the various storage media types, volume systems and file systems. See here for the list of changes.