dd_rescue - Fault tolerant "dd" utility for rescuing data from bad media

License: GPL+
ddrescue is a utility similar to the system utility "dd" which copies
data from a file or block device to another. ddrescue does however
not abort on errors in the input file. This makes it suitable for
rescuing data from media with errors, e.g. a disk with bad sectors.

This package includes dd_rhelp, a wrapper script facilitating data


dd_rescue-1.99-1.el5.i686 [322 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2015-09-09):
* Release 1.99-1
	Version 1.99 brings updates to the ddr_crypt plugin: It adds hardware
	acceleration for ARMv8 CPUs/SOCs (even if in 32bit mode) -- this is a 10x
	speedup on AES en/decryption operations. (An Cortex-A57 at 2.1GHz (Exy7420)
	does ~1GB/s with AES128-CTR.) The ddr_crypt plugin xattr support has been
	extended and it has an option to process openSSL compatible Salted__ files. A
	bug in CTR initialization has been fixed. The main program sees improved write
	error retry logic and better fault injection logic (support for ranges, using
	absolute positions). There are now more variants of Android binaries.
dd_rescue-1.98-1.el5.i686 [269 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2015-05-30):
* Release 1.98-1
	It has a few improvements such as a few cleanups, a fault injection framework for
	testing and significantly improved speed of the pseudo RNG. But the important feature
	is the addtion of a crypt plugin. You can insert it into the plugin chain to de/encrypt
	data using the AES family of algorithms. (More are planned for the future.) You can use
	128/192/256 bit keys and optionally use a higher number of rounds to have an increased
	security margin. Keys (and IVs) can be generated, saved, retrieved or generated from
	password and salt. Please be aware that despite diligent testing this is a new plugin --
	so be prepared that there will be some changes and bugfixes to it in the near future.

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