netsa-rayon-pipevis - Pipeline alert visualization web application

License: GPL
An application for visualizing incoming alert data from the NetSA
Analysis Pipeline


netsa-rayon-pipevis-0.0-3.i686 [41 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2013-12-17):
* Release 1.4.3-1
	Version 1.4.3
	* All rytools now implement the --first-line-colnames switch. If the
	  first line of input is column names without any other indication
	  (e.g., the text output of SiLK tools), the tool will read the
	  names and use them appropriately. (When using SiLK tools as
	  input to rytools, the user must still strip the last delimiter
	  using --no-final-delimiter or --delimited.)

	* Bugfixes.

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