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dfwinreg - Library that provides read-only access to Windows Registry objects

License: LGPL
dfWinReg, or Digital Forensics Windows Registry, provides read-only
access to Windows Registry objects. The goal of dfWinReg is to provide a
generic interface for accessing Windows Registry objects that resembles
the Registry key hierarchy as seen on a live Windows system.

dfWinReg originates from the Plaso project and is also based on ideas
from the winreg-kb project. It was largely rewritten and made into a
stand-alone project to provide more flexibility and allow other projects
to make use of Windows Registry functionality.


dfwinreg-20180712-1.el6.src [1.2 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2018-07-12):
* Release 20180712-1
	Version 20180712

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