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BEViewer - BEViewer - GUI for bulk_extractor

License: GPL
Bulk Extractor Viewer (BEViewer) is a User Interface for browsing features that have been
extracted via the bulk_extractor feature extraction tool. BEViewer supports browsing
multiple images and bookmarking and exporting features. BEViewer also provides a User
Interface for launching bulk_extractor scans.


BEViewer-1.3.006-1.el6.noarch [1.2 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2012-06-25):
* Release 1.3.006-1
	This update is expected to be fully forward-compatible with bulk_extractor v1.3 expected in July.
		The "Case" file commands are replaced with "Work Settings" in order to accurately reflect what is going on.
		Errors involving invalid filenames are managed better.

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