ddrescue - Data recovery tool trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors

License: GPLv2+
GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block
device (hard disc, cd-rom, etc) to another, trying hard to rescue data in
case of read errors. GNU ddrescue does not truncate the output file if not
asked to. So, every time you run it on the same output file, it tries to
fill in the gaps.


ddrescue-1.25-1.el6.i686 [148 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2020-02-21):
- Update to 1.25-1
	2020-02-21  Antonio Diaz Diaz  <>

	* block.h: Add default constructors to classes Block and Sblock.  (Reported by Rosen Penev).
	* Quote all file name variables to allow names with spaces.  (Reported by David Morrison).
	* In rescue mode, join non-finished subsectors read from mapfile.  (Reported by David Burton).
	* (update_mapfile): Exclude writing time from intervals.  (Reported by David Burton).
	* (extend_outfile_size): Use ftruncate if it works.
	* Print large numbers in groups of 3 digits separated by underscores.
	* Set a valid invocation_name even if argc == 0.
ddrescue-1.15-1.el6.i386 [112 KiB] Changelog by Antonio Diaz Diaz (2012-01-01):
- Update to 1.15
	* Version 1.15 released.
	* Added new option `-a, --min-read-rate'.
	* Added new option `-I, --verify-input-size'.
	* Added new option `-x, --extend-outfile'.
	* Verify that infile, outfile and logfile are all different.
	* Non-tried blocks are now read aligned to cluster-size sectors.
	* Improved skip algorithm for the split pass.
	* Removed spurious warning about `-D' ignored in fill mode.
	* ddrescue.texinfo: Improved description of algorithm.
	* (change_chunk_status): Return an adjust value (-1, 0, 1)
	  to keep "errors" updated without calling count_errors every time.
	* Renamed to
	* Added `ddrescuelog', a program for logfile manipulation.

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