gparted - Gnome Partition Editor

License: GPLv2+
GParted stands for Gnome Partition Editor and is a graphical frontend to
libparted. Among other features it supports creating, resizing, moving
and copying of partitions. Also several (optional) filesystem tools provide
support for filesystems not included in libparted. These optional packages
will be detected at runtime and don't require a rebuild of GParted


gparted-0.8.1-1.el6.i386 [1.8 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2011-05-24):
- Changes making 0.8.1
    Add note to AUTHORS file for Seth's contributions

    Simplified cleanup_cursor() implementation
    I hit this performance bug when I cloneda 40G NTFS partition. The actual
    copy was done in under 11 minutes. After that I was shocked to find that
    gparted would spend over 12 minutes in cleanup_cursor, pegging a CPU
    core. (On a quad core desktop...)
    Simply replacing the ustring with std::string would reduce the time to
    about 1.5 minutes. Still bad. Also, I didn't want to lose UTF8
    So I rewrote the algorithm in 'streaming mode'. This has the (potential)
    drawback that locale conversions are done, but performs well and
    - IMHO - is a lot more readable.
    On a minor note: this implementation correctly handles backspaces at the
    start of a line.

    Remove one level of quoting when spawning commands
    Change spawn_command_line_sync to spawn_sync to reduce the level of
    quoting required when passing commands to the function.  Since
    spawn_command_line_sync uses the parent's environment, the replacement
    call also uses the parent's environment.
    This change permits unmounting of file systems mounted with an
    apostrophe in the mount point name.
    Ubuntu launchpad bug 151796 - Can't unmount partition with apostrophe
                                  in label

    Ensure graphical error message displayed when run by non-root user
    Ubuntu launchpad bug 696937 - Running gparted as non-root user
                                  displays no graphical error message

    Add openSUSE command to install dependencies to README

    Remove all usage of kpartx to avoid partition entry duplicates
    Usage of the kpartx package to create partition names has been
    completely removed.  Hence kpartx is no longer even an optionally used
    package by gparted.
    This change is related to the following bug report:
    Ubuntu launchpad bug 719129 - [Natty] Gparted duplicates dmraid
                                  partition devices

    Add flag --enable-libparted-dmraid to use native libparted dmraid
    The new configure option --enable-libparted-dmraid enables the native
    use of /dev/mapper dmraid support in the libparted library.
    If this option is not specified, or is disabled, then gparted code
    will be used to support dmraid.  The gparted code uses the old dmraid
    partition naming scheme of always appending the partition number to
    the device name.  The letter 'p' is not inserted between the device
    name and the partition number.  The gparted code is particularly
    useful when used with older versions of libparted that do not support
    /dev/mapper dmraid.
    Ubuntu launchpad bug 719129 - [Natty] Gparted duplicates dmraid
                                  partition devices

    Add comment for documentation maximum image width recommendation

    Add Esperanto translation
    Fixed typos in French translation
    Updated Latvian translation.
    [l10n] Updated Italian translation
    Updated Romanian translation
    Updated French translation
    Updated Danish translation
    [l10n] Updated Dutch translation
    Updated Arabic translation

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