python-ipython - An enhanced interactive Python shell

License: (BSD and MIT and Python) and GPLv2+
IPython provides a replacement for the interactive Python interpreter with
extra functionality.

Main features:
 * Comprehensive object introspection.
 * Input history, persistent across sessions.
 * Caching of output results during a session with automatically generated
 * Readline based name completion.
 * Extensible system of 'magic' commands for controlling the environment and
   performing many tasks related either to IPython or the operating system.
 * Configuration system with easy switching between different setups (simpler
   than changing $PYTHONSTARTUP environment variables every time).
 * Session logging and reloading.
 * Extensible syntax processing for special purpose situations.
 * Access to the system shell with user-extensible alias system.
 * Easily embeddable in other Python programs.
 * Integrated access to the pdb debugger and the Python profiler.


python-ipython-0.13.2-1.el6.noarch [9 KiB] Changelog by Thomas Spura (2013-04-06):
- update to 0.13.2 fixes #927169, #947633
- run tests in xvfb
- reword description of ipython-tests a bit

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