python-netaddr - Python network address representation and manipulation library

License: BSD
A pure Python network address representation and manipulation library.

netaddr provides a Pythonic way of working with :-

- IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets
- MAC addresses, OUI and IAB identifiers, IEEE EUI-64 identifiers
- arbitrary (non-aligned) IP address ranges and IP address sets
- various non-CIDR IP range formats such as nmap and glob-style formats

Included are routines for :-

- generating, sorting and summarizing IP addresses and networks
- performing easy conversions between address notations and formats
- detecting, parsing and formatting network address representations
- performing set-based operations on groups of IP addresses and subnets
- working with arbitrary IP address ranges and formats
- accessing OUI and IAB organisational information published by IEEE
- accessing IP address and block information published by IANA


python-netaddr-0.7.6-1.el6.i386 [1.2 MiB] Changelog by David P. D. Moss (2011-09-13):
* Release 0.7.6-1
	Changes since 0.7.5
	* A bug fix point release
	* Refreshed 3rd party data caches
	* Tested against Python 3.2.x and PyPy 1.6.x
	* Fixed unit tests under for Mac OSX

	Specific bug fixes addressed in this release
	* FIXED Issue 15 -
	    - Incorrect and invalid glob produced when last octet is not *
	* FIXED Issue 13 -
	    - Added support for IPython 0.11 API changes. Thanks juliantaylor
	* FIXED Issue 11 -
	    - Calling valid_glob on cidr raises ValueError. Thanks radicand
	* FIXED Issue 7 -
	    - Unpickling Bug in IPSet. Thanks LuizOz and labeneator
	* FIXED Issue 2 -
	    - UnboundLocalError raised in IPNetwork constructor. Thanks keesbos

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