KStrike - Stand-alone parser for User Access Logging from Server 2012 and newer systems

Website: https://github.com/brimorlabs/KStrike
License: GNU GPL v3 or later and BSD-like with acknowledgment clause
This script will parse data from the User Access Logging files contained on Windows Server 2012
and newer systems, found under the path "\Windows\System32\Logfiles\SUM" (please visit the KPMG
blog post at https://advisory.kpmg.us/blog/2021/digital-forensics-incident-response.html for
more details). For documentation on these files, please visit the official documentation page at


KStrike-20210624-1.el9.src [395 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2021-07-23):
- Release 20210624-1
	Initial release

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