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exfat-utils - Utilities for exFAT file system

License: GPLv3+
A set of utilities for creating, checking, dumping and labeling exFAT file


exfat-utils-1.4.0-1.el9.x86_64 [82 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2023-03-03):
* Release 1.4.0-1
	* Added exfatattrib utility which prints or changes file attributes [Will Thompson].
	* Added FUSE 3 support. FUSE 2 continues to be supported.
	* Added support for timezone offsets [Nathan Hunsperger].
	* Fixed device opening error being reported as FS error.
	* Fixed possible data leakage when uninitialized clusters were allocated using NtSetInformationFile() call under Windows and FS was not unmounted correctly.
	* Improved compatibility with autoconf 2.70.
	* Fixed disk size reading on NetBSD [Dave Vasilevsky].
	* Fixed "automounted" option handling on FreeBSD [Iouri V. Ivliev].
	* Allowed to specify the "nonempty" mount option.
	* Fixed file data contiguity handling bug which could cause performance degradation [noctis].
	* Fixed possible crashes on invalid UTF-8 sequences.
	* Fixed a situation when FS could be erroneously marked as dirty (not cleanly unmounted).

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