wdpassport-utils - Lock, Unlock, and Manage Western Digital My Passport Drives

License: GPL3
A Linux command-line utility to lock, unlock, and manage the hardware encryption functionality
of Western Digital My Passport external drives. Written in Python 3.

WD My Passport drives support hardware encryption. New drives arrive in a passwordless state ---
they can be used without locking or unlocking. After a password is set, drives become locked
when they are unplugged and must be unlocked when they are plugged in to mount the volume and
see its content.

This utlity can:

* Show drive status.
* Set and change the drive's password.
* Unlock an encrypted drive, given the password.
* Reset the drive in case of a lost password.
* Passwords given on the command line are converted into binary password data in a mechanism
  intended to be compatible with WD's unlock software that is used in Microsoft Windows.

This tool was originally written by 0-duke in 2015 based on reverse engineering research by
DanLukes and an implementation by DanLukes and KenMacD. crypto-universe converted this project
and the underlying SCSI interface library py_sg to Python 3. JoshData updated the library to
work with the latest WD My Passport device.


wdpassport-utils-0.2-4.el9.x86_64 [3.0 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2023-04-26):
- Release 0.2-4
	Sets permissions on all of the executable

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