libfixbuf - Fixbuf IPFIX implementation library

License: LGPLv3
libfixbuf aims to be a compliant implementation of the IPFIX Protocol
and message format, from which IPFIX Collecting Processes and
IPFIX Exporting Processes may be built.


libfixbuf-3.0.0.alpha1-1.fc36.src [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2022-02-24):
* Release 3.0.0.alpha1-1

	Made many changes to functions and public structs that break compatibilty with previous releases of libfixbuf.
	Changed fbTemplate_t to reference a new object type, fbTemplateField_t, resulting in changes to many function signatures.
	   The TemplateField includes the offset of the element's value, making it easier to get a value from a record.
	Changed and removed members of fbInfoElement_t. Added several macros to get values from an fbInfoElement_t.
	Added a new type, fbTemplateInfo_t, to hold the name and description of a Template and additional information about it. A TemplateInfo contains a SubTemplateList of fbBasicListInfo_t,
	   a new type to describe the information element IDs of a BasicList and of the element it contains.
	Changed fbSessionAddTemplate() to take an additional parameter: an fbTemplateInfo_t, which may be NULL. fbSessionAddTemplateWithMetadata() has been removed.
	Changed fbSessionSetMetadataExportTemplates() to take an additional paramter: the template ID for the fbBasicListInfo_t.
	Removed support for the Spread Toolkit.
	Renamed the following functions: fBufSetAutomaticInsert() to fBufSetAutomaticElementInsert(), fBufSetAutomaticMode() to fBufSetAutomaticNextMessage(), fbBasicListRealloc() to fbBasicListResize(),
	   fbListValidSemantic() to fbListSemanticsIsValid(), fbSubTemplateListRealloc() to fbSubTemplateListResize(), fbSubTemplateMultiListEntryRealloc() to fbSubTemplateMultiListEntryResize(),
	   fbSubTemplateMultiListRealloc() to fbSubTemplateMultiListResize(), and fbTemplateGetIndexedIE() to fbTemplateGetFieldByPosition().
	Removed functions fbBasicListInitWithOwnBuffer(), fbSessionEnableTemplateMetadata(), fbSessionEnableTypeMetadata(), and fbSubTemplateListInitWithOwnBuffer().
	Removed fbInfoModelTypeInfoRecord() and fbTemplateMetadataRecord(). Added a replaced function, fbTemplateIsMetadata(), that checks whether a Template is for describing metadata: RFC5610 records (Info Element descriptions) or Template metadata.
	Changed the members of fbSubTemplateList_t.
	Made major changes to the output of ipfixDump, and modified many of its command line switches.
	Added a new type, fbRecord_t, that holds the data for a record read from a stream and the Template that describes that data. Added functions, fBufNextRecord() and others, to support the new type and get values from a fbRecord_t.
	Added a function to copy an fbRecord_t from one fbTemplate_t to another.
	Added a new command line tool, ipfix2json, to convert an IPFIX file to JSON. This tool is built by default; use --disable-tools to build the library only.
	Updated the ABI to use 'const' on more parameters and more return values.
	Added new convenience functions, fbSessionAddTemplatesForExport() and fBufSetTemplatesForExport(), that handle adding or setting both the internal and export templates.
	Added convenience functions to copy an incoming templates to an export Session.
	Added a new function, fbBasicListInitWithLength(), to initialize a BasicList and use reduced length encoding for the element.
	Added convenience macros fbBLNext(), fbSTLNext(), fbSTMLNext(), and fbSTMLEntryNext() for iterating over fbBasicList_t, fbSubTemplateList_t, fbSubTemplateMultiList_t and fbSubTemplateMultiListEntry_t objects.
	Added a Template iterator, fbTemplateIter_t, to visit the TemplateFields in a Template.
	Added functions to copy and compare Templates. Added functions to find an element in a Template and return a TemplateField.
	Added a function to set the context object on a Template.
	Added an enum for the Information Element semantics, fbInfoElementSemantics_t. Added an enum for the structured data (list) semantics, fbListSemantics_t.
	Changed license to GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991.

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