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yara - yara - find files matching patterns and rules written in a special-purpose language

License: GPL
Yara scans the given FILE or the process indentified by PID looking if
it matches the patterns and rules provided in a special purpose-lan‐
guage. The rules are read from RULEFILEs or standard input.


yara-1.6-1.fc12.src [518 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2011-04-08):
* Release 1.6-1
	* added support for bitwise operators
	* added support for multi-line hex strings
	* scan speed improvement for regular expressions (with PCRE)
	* yara-python ported to Python 3.x
	* yara-python support for 64-bits Python under Windows
	* BUGFIX: Buffer overflow in error printing

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