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pytsk - pytsk - Python binding for The Sleuth Kit

License: GPL
PYTSK - Python Bindings for The Sleuth Kit


pytsk-20131124-1.fc16.x86_64 [242 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2013-11-24):
* Release 20131124-1
	Fixes for FreeBSD build.
	Changes to to find library path for OSX build.
	Small updates to
	Added check for HAVE_SSIZE_T
	Changes for sleuthkit 64-bit vs2010 build.
	More fixes
	Small fix when TSK_LIBRARIES_PATH cannot be determined.
	Fix in for Mac OS X.
	Small update to dpkg files.
	Removed files

Oct 17, 2013	
Joachim Metz <joachim.metz>
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Updates for building SleuthKit 4.1.2 and pytsk on Windows. Improvements to to work on Windows icw. Visual Studio and to detect SleuthKit version.
pytsk-20130910-1.fc16.x86_64 [240 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2013-09-10):
* Release 20130910-1
	Worked on replacing older patched version of talloc with minimal altered version.
	Updated msvscpp files to use stand-alone libtalloc.
	Fixes for talloc move.
	Updated licence to APL.
	Changes to .hgignore
	Chnanges to Manifest
	Changes to msvscpp files
	Moved talloc to sub directory.
	Changes to have look for
	Small change to
pytsk-20130826-1.fc16.x86_64 [240 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2013-08-25):
* Release 20130826-1
	Update dpgk files to sleuthkit version 4.1.0
	Applied error.patch to fix issue 11
	Changed id restriction from INT16_MAX to UINT16_MAX
	Bug fix in recent changes
	More fixes for compiler warnings
	Changes to fix compiler warnings
	Fix in Visual Studio 2008 project file
	Fixes for building pytsk3 against sleuthkit 4.1-staging
	Trap error conditionn in Img_Info_read so if a read fails we raise IOError.
	Removed replace.h (not used) Added function definitions to replace.c and talloc.c to fix compile/link issue on OS X 10.6
pytsk-20121113-3.fc16.x86_64 [239 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2013-06-24):
* Release 20121113-2
	* Rebuild for sleuthkit 4.1.0

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