partclone - File System Clone Utilities

License: GPLv2
Partclone provides utilities to back up and restore used-blocks of a partition
and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using
existing library, e.g. e2fslibs is used to read and write the ext2 partition.

    Thomas Tsai <Thomas _at_ nchc org tw>
    Jazz Wang <jazz _at_ nchc org tw>


partclone-0.2.80-1.fc17.src [606 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2015-08-17):
* Release 0.2.80-1
	2015-07-21  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix calloc error

	2015-07-20  Thomas Tsai  <>
		test vmfs5 and ncursesw
		set version to 0.2.80 and fix some warnnings
	2015-07-17  Thomas Tsai  <>
		update vmfs5 and test double free issue
		Merge branch 'release' of into release
		try to fix double free issus
	2015-07-01  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix rules
		ready to release 0.2.79
		patch from DimStar77 and fix  missing includes
		fix vmfs
	2015-06-30  Thomas Tsai  <>
		try to fix vmfs5
	2015-05-15  Thomas Tsai  <>
		Merge branch 'release' of into release
		accept patch from Georges to fix a bug report from Debian, about missed builds for
	2015-04-09  Thomas Tsai  <>
		ready to release 0.2.78
		set version to 0.2.78
		fix 16T partition issue
	2015-04-02  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix hiuge filesystem issue
	2015-03-25  Thomas Tsai  <>
		update ChangeLog and version.h
		release 0.2.77
		remove some check that is duplicate and made error.
	2015-01-21  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix char related issue for bad sectors by Chris Clayton
	2015-01-16  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix xfs and release(0.2.76) to test
		 * fix xfs clone issue while set size to backup but bigger then device size and not stop
	2014-12-30  Thomas Tsai  <>
		release 0.2.75
	2014-12-29  Thomas Tsai  <>
		merge 0.2.74
		test btrfs
		add source of btrfs
		update source of btrfs
		try to fix btrfs
	2014-11-05  Thomas Tsai  <>
		hide note: without note option
		update version script
		add --note option to fix issue #56 add fail-mbr/ to pass prefix to new makefile which note from Fisiu ( fix issue #57 and use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to check version
	2014-09-04  Thomas Tsai  <>
		test about exfat and f2fs
	2014-09-03  Thomas Tsai  <>
		upgrade exfat to 1.1.0
	2014-09-02  Thomas Tsai  <>
		initial f2fs support
	2014-08-28  Thomas Tsai  <>
		update control
	2014-07-15  Thomas Tsai  <>
		update version to 0.2.72
	2014-07-09  Thomas Tsai  <>
		add package for debian jessie
		add package for debian wheezy
	2014-07-08  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix and add libblkid-dev check
	2014-07-07  Thomas Tsai  <>
		fix xfs

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