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md5deep - Programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 message digests on files

License: GPL
md5deep is a cross-platform set of programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256
message digests on an arbitrary number of files. The programs run on Windows,
Linux, *BSD, OS X, Solaris, and should run on most other platforms. md5deep
is similar to the md5sum program found in the GNU Coreutils package, but
has the following additional features:
    * Recursive operation - md5deep is able to recursive examine an entire directory tree. That is, compute the MD5
      for every file in a directory and for every file in every subdirectory.
    * Time estimation - md5deep can produce a time estimate when it's processing very large files.
    * Comparison mode - md5deep can accept a list of known hashes and compare them to a set of input files. The program can
      display either those input files that match the list of known hashes or those that do not match. Hashes sets can be drawn
      from the National Software Reference Library, iLook Investigator, Hashkeeper, or md5sum. Users are welcome to add functionality
      to read other formats too!
    * File type mode - md5deep can process only files of a certain type, such as regular files, block devices, etc.


md5deep-4.4-1.fc20.i686 [160 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2014-01-01):
* Release 4.4-1
        * src/dig.cpp: Support deduplication reparse points, issue 307.
        * src/multihash.cpp (hash_context_obj::multihash_finalize): removed old code that was commented out.
        * src/dig.cpp: Fixed issue 301 re: removing double dots from path
        * Removed sha3deep target
        * hashlist.cpp: Fixes problem with known files with commas in filename.
        * Added patch from dago to check for MAP_FILE
        * src/dig.cpp: Experimental change to parse single instance storage (SIS) junction points.
        * src/hashlist.cpp: Added experimental mode for case insensitive matching. Also changes in main.cpp, main.h, and display.cpp
        * src/ Added sha3deep
        * src/main.h: Added SHA3 defines
        * src/main.cpp: Added SHA3 code
        * src/common.h: Increased max size of context structure for SHA-3
        * man/hashdeep.1: Clarified Unicode statements
        * main.cpp: Converting break statements which fall through to consistent style.
        * main.cpp: Added checks in hashdeep against user errors on command line
        * dig.cpp: Adding specific message regarding SIS reparse points.
        * blake: Removed code which won't be used
        * Uncommented check for big endian systems.
        * src/threadpool.cpp: Renamed ERR function to avoid conflicts on SunOS and derivates.
        * man/md5deep.1, hashdeep.1: Typos

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