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regripper-plugins - Plugins for regripper

License: GPL
RegRipper is a Windows Registry data extraction and correlation
tool. RegRipper uses plugins (similar to Nessus) to access specific
Registry hive files in order to access and extract specific keys, values,
and data, and does so by bypassing the Win32API.


regripper-plugins-20170809-1.fc20.noarch [210 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-08-09):
* Release 20170809-1
	Plugins from 20170809
regripper-plugins-20151216-2.fc20.noarch [203 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2015-12-17):
* Release 20151216-2
	Added missing files: all ntuser sam security software system usrclass

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