analysis-pipeline - Stream analysis of SiLK records

License: GPLv2
Vendor: CERT Network Situational Awareness
The SiLK Analysis Pipeline can be added to the SiLK packing process to
analyze flow records as they are collected by rwflowpack.


analysis-pipeline-5.6-3.fc20.x86_64 [606 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-06-30):
* Release 5.6-3
	Rebuilt with silk-common-3.16.0.
analysis-pipeline-5.6-2.fc20.x86_64 [606 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-03-28):
* Release 5.6-2
	Rebuilt with silk-common-3.15.0.
analysis-pipeline-5.6-1.fc20.x86_64 [606 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-01-07):
* Release 5.6-1
	All fields can use a SEED file of any type
	More than one EXTRA ALERT FIELDs is now allowed.
	EXTRA ALERT FIELDs can now be derived fields
	Added EXTRA AUX ALERT FIELD to add fields to auxilliary alerts
	STATISTICs can now updated EVERY HOUR, or EVERY DAY
	STATISTICs will send one final update after processing a list of files using --name-files
	Other bug fixes
analysis-pipeline-5.5-2.fc20.x86_64 [603 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-12-02):
* Release 5.5-2
	Rebuilt with silk-common-3.14.0
analysis-pipeline-5.5-1.fc20.x86_64 [603 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-10-18):
* Release 5.5-1
	New PERSISTENCE primitive to detect a FOREACH tuple's presence for a specified number of HOURS or DAYS.
	A minimum number of records requirement can be added to primitives, either at the overall EVALUATION level,
	 or for each value of the FOREACH field. Alerts will not be sent until the minimum number of records is seen.
	Other bug fixes.
analysis-pipeline-5.4.1-1.fc20.x86_64 [591 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-07-14):
* Release 5.4.1-1
	List configuration can now write files with the contents of the list without sending an alert.
	ICMP fields are fixed.
	Filtering by comparing two fields works with derived fields.
	Other bug fixes.
analysis-pipeline-5.4-1.fc20.x86_64 [590 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-06-03):
* Release 5.4-1
	Significant memory and processing efficiency improvements.
	Streamlined Statistic processing
	Reloading of bag files used as custom thresholds upon update.
analysis-pipeline-5.3.2-2.fc20.x86_64 [593 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-04-07):
* Release 5.3.2-2
	Rebuilt with silk-common-3.12.0
analysis-pipeline-5.3.2-1.fc20.x86_64 [593 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-02-17):
* Release 5.3.2-1
	Pmaps are IP version agnostic. Pmaps can have both v4 and v6 address that can be used with SIP and SIP_V6.
	Small bug fixes with Ubuntu compiling and domain name processing.
	Unit test improvements
analysis-pipeline-5.3.1-3.fc20.x86_64 [592 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2016-01-22):
* Release 5.3.1-1
	Changes for 5.3.1
		* Changed Snarf alerts when using FOREACH. Rather than a single string containing a comma separated field list and a single
		  string for the values, each value and field will be in parallel arrays, with values in appropriate format.

		* Small bug fixes.

	Change for 5.3.0
		* Expanded data inputs to include records from YAF (including all deep packet inspection fields), and any flat IPFIX records.
		* The handling of multiple data sources at once.
		* FAST FLUX primitive to detect fast flux networks from DNS records
		* Derived fields, that operate on values from the records, such as the length of a string, the second level domain from a
		  fully qualified domain name, and pulling the day of the week from a timestamp.
		* The ability to have a watchlist using any type of field, paired with the having a LIST CONFIGURATION write the contents
		  to file regardless of field type.
		* A special type of watchlist for DNS that checks each part of a domain name, rather than a generic string match.

		* First public release of Analysis Pipeline version 5.

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