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umview - User-mode implementation of OSVIEW

License: GPL
View-OS is a novel approach to the process/kernel interface.  The semantics of
each system call can be assigned process by process giving the user the right
to decide which view of the system each process has to join.  Each process can
"see" a different file system structure, networking resources, processor,
devices.  Moreover some of the resources can be provided by the user
him/herself, thus these resource can be private to the single process and are
not known a priori by the system.  Groups of processes can share the same view
but this is just an optimization to share management methods.

For more information, see

UMView is a user-mode implementation of View-OS.  Processes are run with a
controlling daemon that captures all the system calls (at present using the
ptrace() system call) and uses dynamically loadable modules to change their

This package contains the UMView controlling daemon and some modules, both
for testing and for real use.  Other modules are contained in separate
packages because they depend on additional libraries.


umview-0.8.2-1.1.fc21.i686 [437 KiB] Changelog by gregor herrmann (2014-10-12):
* Release 0.8.2-1.1
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix "FTBFS: um_select.c:177: undefined reference to `__FDELT'":
    apply patch from Ubuntu / Ilya Barygin:
    - Fix FTBFS because of renamed macro.
    (Closes: #707402)
  * Build-depend on libvdeplug-dev, libvdeplug2-dev is only provided by
    Also taken from Ubuntu / Jeremy Bicha.
  * Apply patch from Thomas Funk that removes EPOLL_NONBLOCK.
    (Taken from upstream.)
  * Apply patch from Roland Stigge: add architecture powerpcspe in
    debian/control. (Closes: #734997)

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