libfixbuf - Fixbuf IPFIX implementation library

License: LGPLv3
libfixbuf aims to be a compliant implementation of the IPFIX Protocol
and message format, from which IPFIX Collecting Processes and
IPFIX Exporting Processes may be built.


libfixbuf-2.0.0-1.fc22.src [842 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2018-05-02):
* Release 2.0.0-1
	This version is not backwards-compatible with fixbuf 1.x.
	There are no functional differences between this release and the 1.8 release. All the changes are API changes and internal cleanups.
	Change source for infomodel to the IANA XML version of the IPFIX Information Elements.
	Require information element specifications for internal records to have non-defaulted (non-zero) sizes.
	Simplify new template callbacks, subsuming the three variants with one: fbSessionAddNewTemplateCallback().
	The default is now to consider the source port when separating incoming UDP streams. The function fbCollectorManageUDPStreamByPort() has been removed.
	Change fbInfoElementWriteOptionsRecord() to take both the internal and external template id.
	Update to LGPL 3.
libfixbuf-1.8.0-1.fc22.src [833 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2017-11-07):
* Release 1.8.0-1
	The ability to add template metadata to exported templates
	Macro to check fixbuf version number
	Minor bug fixes
libfixbuf-1.7.1-1.fc22.src [790 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2015-10-09):
* Release 1.7.1-1
	Bug Fix for NetFlow v9 devices that implement Reverse Information Elements

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