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ssdeep - Computes a checksum based on context triggered piecewise hashes

License: GPL
Computes a checksum based on context triggered piecewise hashes for
each input file. If requested, the program matches those checksums
against a file of known checksums and reports any possible matches.
Output is written to standard out and errors to standard error.
Input from standard input is not supported.


ssdeep-2.14.1-1.fc23.src [7.3 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2017-11-07):
* Release 2.14.1-1
	** Version 2.14.1 - 7 Nov 2017
	  * Bug Fixes
	    - Fixed a spelling error.
	    - Made relative path mode on Win32 to work.
	** Version 2.14 - 12 Sep 2017
	  * New Features
	    - Optimizations to the fuzzy hashing engine. (hash generator can run as twice
	      as fast and comparison can run 1.5 through 5 times faster [heavily depends
	      on the data and platform] than the previous release)
	  * Bug Fixes
	    - Fixed issue when certain memory allocation is failed.
ssdeep-2.13-1.fc23.src [384 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2015-04-24):
* Release 2.13-1
	2015-04-24: Jesse Kornblum <>:
		* ssdeep.1, NEWS: Updated release date

	2015-04-01: Tsukasa OI <>:
		* dig.cpp: Support arbitrary length input from the standard input.

	2014-11-07: Tsukasa OI <>:
		* edit_dist.c: Made code more portable
		* fuzzy.c: Multiple bug fixes

	2014-10-24: Jesse Kornblum <>:
		* Adding edit_dist.h

	2014-10-20: Jesse Kornblum <>:
		* edit_dist.c: Replaced with new, explicitly GPL licensed code.
		* fuzzy.c: Removed edit distance function prototype
		* edit_dist.h: Added edit distance function prototype

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