broctl - Bro Control

License: BSD-3-Clause
BroControl is Bro's interactive shell for operating Bro installations.


broctl-2.6.3-0.fc26.i686 [2.2 MiB] Changelog by Johanna Amann (2015-02-09):
* Release 2.6.3-0
	Update binpac submodule to v0.53 (Jon Siwek, Corelight)
		Fixes a signed integer overlow in array bounds checks.
	GH-435: fix null pointer deref in RPC analyzer (Jon Siwek, Corelight)
		Was possible for some failed parsing calls in
		RPC_Interpreter::DeliverRPC to set buf to a null-pointer, only for it
		to later access it when checking whether the message length appeared to be legit.

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