libpst-doc - Documentation for the pst utilities in html format

License: GPLv2+
The libpst-doc package contains the html documentation for the pst
utilities.  You do not need to install it if you just want to use the
libpst utilities.


libpst-doc-0.6.71-1.1.fc26.x86_64 [54 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-07-21):
* Release 0.6.71-1.1
	LibPST 0.6.71 (2017-07-21)
	    * Zachary Travis - Add support for the OST 2013 format, and
	      Content-Disposition filename key fix for outlook compatibility
libpst-doc-0.6.70-1.1.fc26.x86_64 [54 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2017-02-08):
* Release 0.6.70-1.1
	LibPST 0.6.70 (2017-02-08)
	    * Jeffrey Morlan - pst_getID2 must not recurse into children

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