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sleuthkit-libs - Library for sleuthkit

License: CPL and IBM and GPLv2+
The sleuthkit-libs package contains library for sleuthkit.


sleuthkit-libs-4.9.0-1.1.fc26.x86_64 [2.4 MiB] Changelog by 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers (2020-05-01):
- Release 4.8.0-1.1
	 - Removed framework project. Use Autopsy instead if you need an analysis framework.
	 - Various fixes from Google-based fuzzing.
	 - Ensure all reads (even big ones) are sector aligned when reading from Windows device.
	 - Ensure all command line tools support new pool command line arguments.
	 - Create virtual files for APFS unallocated space
	 - HFS fix to display type
	 - More artifact helper methods
	 - More artifacts and attributes for drones and GPS coordinates
	 - Updated TimelineManager to insert GPS artifacts into events table

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