autopsy - Autopsy Forensic Browser

License: ASL 2.0
Autopsy is a graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit and other open source digital forensics tools.
Autopsy 3 was a complete rewrite from Autopsy 2 to make it Java-based.
Autopsy 4 improves on Autopsy 3 by supporting collaboration on a single case by multiple users.

Although Autopsy is designed to be cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX), the current version
is fully functional and fully tested only on Windows. We have run it on XP, Vista, and Windows
7 with no problems.

Autopsy 4 is released under the Apache 2.0 license.
Some libraries Autopsy uses may have different, but similar, open source licenses.


autopsy-4.14.0-1.fc28.src [864.6 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2020-01-24):
* Release 4.13.0-4
	Specialized UIs:
		- New File Discovery UI that allows you to search and filter for certain types of files.
		- New Map viewer that uses either Bing (when online) or offline map tiles.
		- Communications UI shows country names for phone numbers and fixed bug in summary panel.
		- Fixed bugs in timeline filtering.
		- Refactored backend timeline filtering code based on The Sleuth Kit datamodel changes to remove JavaFX dependency.
	Data Sources:
		- Added limited support for APFS disk images.  Does not include encrypted volumes or ones that span multiple disks.   Uses contribution to The Sleuth Kit from Blackbag Technologies.
		- New data source processor that parses “XRY File Exports”.
	Content Viewers:
		- Added a new “Context” viewer to show where a file came from.  Currently shows what message a file was attached to or what URL a file was downloaded from.
		- Added support to seek and change playback speed for videos in “Application” viewer.
		- Improved support for Unicode HTML files in “Application” viewer.
		- Added support for webp image files in “Application” viewer.
	Ingest Modules:
		- Keyword Search module uses Decodetect statistical encoding detection for plain text files. Fixes issues with incorrect detection of Japanese files.
		- Embedded File Extractor module uses statistical analysis to determine encoding of file names in ZIP files. Fixes issues with ZIP files created on Windows Japanese computers.
		- Solr (Keyword Search module) now uses Japanese-specific tokenization using Kuromoji.
		- Fixed Shellbags module in RegRipper (used by Autopsy Recent Activity module) to fix parsing errors.
		- Plaso module no longer generates an error if enabled for non-disk image data sources.
		- Added support for message attachments that are stored as an external file system file. Expanded Email and Android modules to use this technique.
		- Fixed crashes by gstreamer when a video is selected.
		- Added initial capability to delete a data source from a case (excludes data in the CR).
		- Changed behavior of portable case menu item to automatically open the case and warn if it was already unpacked.
		- Fixed bug that caused issues when case metadata had Unicode values.
		- Added new Attachment APIs to the CommunicationsArtifactHelper class to support attachments stored as external file system files.

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