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ghidra - ghidra - Software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools

License: Apache 2.0
Ghidra is a software reverse engineering (SRE) framework developed
by NSA's Research Directorate for NSA's cybersecurity mission. It
helps analyze malicious code and malware like viruses, and can give
cybersecurity professionals a better understanding of potential
vulnerabilities in their networks and systems.


ghidra-9.1.2-PUBLIC_20200212.1.fc28.src [283.2 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence Rogers (2020-02-12):
* Release 9.1.2-PUBLIC_20200212-1
		Data Types. Improved PDB composite reconstruction to attempt pack(1) alignment if default alignment fails. (GT-3401)
		Data Types. Added missing support for multi-user merge of unions and structures containing bitfields or a trailing flexible array member. (GT-3479)
		Data Types. Corrected structure editor save button enablement issue when editing bitfields within an unaligned structure. (GT-3519, Issue #1297)
		Disassembly. Corrected potential infinite loop with disassembler caused by branch to self with invalid delay slot instruction. (GT-3511, Issue #1486)
		GUI. Corrected processor manual display for Microsoft Windows users, which was not displaying processor manual and was, instead, rendering a blank page in web browser. (GT-3444)
		GUI:Bitfield Editor. Added field comment support to composite bitfield editor. (GT-3410)
		Importer:MachO. A MachO loader regression, in Ghidra 9.1.1, when laying down symbols at the correct location, has been fixed. (GT-3487, Issue #1446)
		Languages. Corrected mnemonic for ARM thumb RSB.w instruction. (GT-3420, Issue #1365)
		Languages. Corrected issue in M68000 with some move instructions not creating correct array assignments. (GT-3429, Issue #1394)
		Languages. Updated x86 processor manual index file with latest Intel and AMD manuals. (GT-3489, Issue #1078)
		Multi-User:Ghidra Server. Corrected Ghidra Server remote interface errors that occur when running with Java 11.0.6 (and later) release, which would throw RemoteException "Method is not Remote" errors. (GT-3521, Issue #1440)
		PDB. Corrected PDB XML generation for zero-length classes and structures and resolved various datatype dependency issues encountered during PDB Analysis. Changed line numbers from hex to decimal. (GT-3462, Issue #1410)

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