KHracker - Known Hosts Entry Decrypter

License: GPL
KHracker is a python-based decryption tool for encrypted known_hosts entries. It will
attempt to decrypt values stored in SSH known_hosts files, if the encryption option has
been enabled for that computer. By default, known_hosts entries are not encrypted, but
there is an option to do so. From a forensics perspective, encrypted known_hosts entries
can prevent an investigator from seeing other computers a user may have been
connecting to. Information about the connections made from a system can be integral to
identifying a complete understanding of the systems involved in a network intrusion or
incident response case.


KHracker-0.3-1.fc28.noarch [192 KiB] Changelog by Kevin Moore (2011-09-13):
* Release 0.3-1
	Initial release

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