autopsy - Autopsy Forensic Browser

License: ASL 2.0
Autopsy is a graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit and other open source digital forensics tools.
Autopsy 3 was a complete rewrite from Autopsy 2 to make it Java-based.
Autopsy 4 improves on Autopsy 3 by supporting collaboration on a single case by multiple users.

Although Autopsy is designed to be cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX), the current version
is fully functional and fully tested only on Windows. We have run it on XP, Vista, and Windows
7 with no problems.

Autopsy 4 is released under the Apache 2.0 license.
Some libraries Autopsy uses may have different, but similar, open source licenses.


autopsy-4.16.0-1.fc28.i686 [357.5 MiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2020-09-08):
* Release 4.15.0-1
		Added streaming ingest capability for disk images that allow files to be analyzed as soon as they are added to the database.
		Changed backend code so that disk image-based files are added by Java code instead of C/C++ code.
	Ingest Modules:
		Include Interesting File set rules for cloud storage, encryption, cryptocurrency and privacy programs.
		Updated PhotoRec 7.1 and include 64-bit version.
		Updated RegRipper in Recent Activity to 2.8
		Create artifacts for Prefetch, Background Activity Monitor, and System Resource Usage.
		Support MBOX files greater than 2GB.
		Document metadata is saved as explicit artifacts and added to the timeline.
		New “no change” hashset type that does not change status of file.
	Central Repository / Personas:
		Accounts in the Central Repository can be grouped together and associated with a digital persona.
		All accounts are now stored in the Central Repository to support correlation and persona creation.
	Content viewers:
		Created artifact-specific viewers in the Results viewer for contact book and call log.
		Moved Message viewer to a Results sub-viewer and expanded to show accounts.
		Added Application sub-viewer for PDF files based on IcePDF.
		Annotation viewer now includes comments from hash set hits.
	Geolocation Viewer:
		Different data types now are displayed using different colors.
		Track points in a track are now displayed as small, connected circles instead of full pins.
		Filter panel shows only data sources with geo location data.
		Geolocation artifact points can be tagged and commented upon.
	File Discovery:
		Changed UI to have more of a search flow and content viewer is hidden until an item is selected.
		Can be generated for a single data source instead of the entire case.
		CASE / UCO report module now includes artifacts in addition to files.
		Added backend concept of Tag Sets to support Project Vic categories from different countries.
		Add throttling of UI refreshes to ensure data is quickly displayed and the tree does not get backed up with requests.
		Improved efficiency of adding a data source with many orphan files.
		Improved efficiency of loading file systems.
		Jython interpreter is preloaded at application startup.
	Misc bug fixes and improvements:
		Fixed bug from last release where hex content viewer text was no longer fixed width.
		Altered locking to allow multiple data sources to be added at once more smoothly and to support batch inserts of file data.
		Central repository comments will no longer store tag descriptions.
		Account type nodes in the Accounts tree show counts.
		Full time stamps displayed for messages in ingest inbox.
		More detailed status during file exports.
		Improved efficiency of adding timeline events.
		Fixed bug with CVT most recent filter.
		Improved documentation and support for running on Linux/macOS.

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