libmdbodbc1 - MDB Tools ODBC driver for unixODBC

License: GPL-2.0+
Mdbtools contains:
mdb-dump -- simple hex dump utility for looking at mdb files
mdb-schema -- prints DDL for the specified table
mdb-export -- export table to CSV format
mdb-tables -- a simple dump of table names to be used with shell scripts
mdb-header -- generates a C header to be used in exporting mdb data to a C prog
mdb-parsecvs -- generates a C program given a CSV file made with mdb-export
mdb-sql -- demo SQL engine program
mdb-ver -- print version of database


libmdbodbc1-0.7-43.13.fc28.i686 [21 KiB] Changelog by (2013-04-29):
- migrated to the new upstream version 0.7
- no detailed changelog

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