python2-pefile - Python module for working with Portable Executable files

Website: https://github.com/erocarrera/pefile
License: MIT
pefile is a multi-platform Python module to read and work with Portable
Executable (aka PE) files. Most of the information in the PE Header is
accessible, as well as all the sections, section's information and data.
pefile requires some basic understanding of the layout of a PE file. Armed
with it it's possible to explore nearly every single feature of the file.
Some of the tasks that pefile makes possible are:
* Modifying and writing back to the PE image
* Header Inspection
* Sections analysis
* Retrieving data
* Warnings for suspicious and malformed values
* Packer detection with PEiD’s signatures
* PEiD signature generation


python2-pefile-2019.4.18-2.fc28.noarch [114 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2019-05-19):
* Release 2019.4.18-2
	Version 2019.4.18-2: Uses python3_pkgversion for the current version of Python 3.

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