super_mediator - IPFIX Super Mediator for use with the YAF and SiLK tools

License: GPLv2
super_mediator is an IPFIX mediator for use with the YAF and SiLK tools.
It collects and filters YAF output data to various IPFIX collecting processes
and/or csv files. super_mediator can be configured to perform de-duplication
of DNS resource records, SSL certificates, or HTTP header fields as exported
by YAF.


super_mediator-1.9.0-1.fc35.x86_64 [280 KiB] Changelog by Lawrence R. Rogers (2022-06-08):
* Release 1.9.0-1
	Added support for labeling records based on data from a SiLK IPSet or a SiLK Prefix Map.
	Added support for labeling records with a sensor and flowtype similar to SiLK's rwflowpack tool.
	Added support for OpenSSL 3.0.1.
	Changed JSON output of SSL records for unknown sslObjectType values: For unknown value X, key sslCertObjectIDX is replaced by sslCertIssuerObjectIdX or sslCertSubObjectIdX.
		When X is 1, EmailAddress is used (e.g., sslCertIssuerEmailAddress) and when X is 25 DomainComponent is used.
	Changed the super_mediator.spec file to configure the build using --with FEATURE options to rpmbuild.
	Fixed a small bug in JSON output of rewritten SSL certificates.
	Fixed bugs in TEXT export of very old YAF SSL data.
	Changed the template scopes for the YAF stats template and Tombstone template to match those used by YAF.

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